Iraqi Christian: Searching for safety and Participating in Public Life

     Chaldeans, Assyrians, Armenians and other Christians in Iraq are constantly and severely attacked by those aiming at destroying the lives of the main and first builders of Iraq.

They are kidnapped, Beaten, Threatened, their own shops and mansions are destroyed, their families and children are forcedly evicted in the streets and their own properties are confiscated.

Not to mention burning and destroying churches, forgetting that those churches are considered one of the most important Iraqi national treasures.

In a matter of fact, Standing against terrorism and terrorists is an undeniable necessity, But haphazardly unorganized anti-terrorism planning wouldn’t lead us to the progress we aim.

We have to determine our main priorities, and on top list we have to fight this anti-Christian movement in Iraq.

The new Iraq we aim to build cannot be constructed without the help and support of the successors of the first Iraqi Civilization’s founders.

Verbally discussing the problem or even totally ignoring it, wouldn’t help us at all to determine the main sources of terrorism and the true reasons behind emptying Iraq from its own citizens and depriving it from its national Identity.

Unfortunately, due to such inhuman terroristic attacks, hundreds of thousands of unprotected Iraqis have already departed their home-lands, and many others are on their way to leave.

Such forced immigrations would severely affect the Iraqi Population, as their presence is of extreme importance to the Iraq’s Form as it creates a positive interaction among all Iraqi citizens, based on tolerance, moderation and coexistence.

The idea of Coercive immigration would only enforce the powers of those Sadistic criminals, pretending to defend one religion while spreading more inhuman, violent and intolerant values among peaceful Iraqis.

When the Iraqi Jews were forcedly evicted from Iraq, That certainly weakened the National Movement and decreased its effective role in the Iraqi political matters. But today, Evicting Christians would be even worse, as the number of Iraqi Christians are even bigger. What shall we do to help our citizens? In my own opinion, we should work harder on confronting those terrorists and Protecting those Iraqis.

Building a new Iraq with alternative policies would only be achieved through recognizing the presence and the rights of the Christians.

Chaldeans and Assyrians demanded to have their own “Safe areas to live” where they would not be disturbed, attacked or humiliated. But to religiously discriminate and isolate them in their Own land is an unacceptable matter as it would only enable the sectarianism isolation concept, adopted by some Phony Islamic Imposters, to spread more and more in the south and west Iraqi cities, governed by Bigot Sunnas’ and Shi’as extremists.

To realize how serious and dangerous this catastrophe is, It is of great necessity to re-review the consequences of previous forced evictions, like the one in Al-Basra, that resulted in banishment of hundreds of families.

Where can they hide?
In forgotten villages, that been burnt and evacuated decades ago by the dictatorial system? Or in cities where children are welcomed with bullets, as in Al-Mawsel?

To whom shall they run?
To foreign countries away from their own land, what proof do they have that they wouldn’t be discriminated again?

Actually, achieving this (safe areas to live) solution wouldn’t only aggrandize the discrimination issue, but will also create more crises in the new Iraq.

We cannot escape from our problems by trying to find minor solutions, we have to face and confront those phony Muslims, who shouldn’t be honored and be called Muslims, we have to stand against such dirty discriminative games hiding within ” Religiously Purifying Iraq”.

Without any further delay, we have to use our Iraqi laws, combined with International Laws to judge and punish all those trying to divide our beloved peaceful Iraq.

We have to work all together to empower the Christian presence and protect it with all possible and impossible means.

Iraq has to be back on its proper track, and this will happen by Iraqis for Iraqis, with no more exceptions, no more discrimination or negligence.

So, what we should be asking ourselves at the moment is how to build this New Iraq?
And I say that all political and social parties and movements shall start their self-purification and program-revision process, as they ought to set only nationalism and Citizenship as main conditions in their membership, not religion, and they have to alternate their programs with real democratic programs.

National Elections must be on top priority in the political reform process. As Elections and Constitution are two un-separated aspects.

s we are trying to certify new plans and laws that would grant each and every Iraqi his own right, we have to clearly condemn all past crimes and policies and so drop all masks and end all frauds and crimes.

Unfortunately, some Christians communions are falsely uniting now, for a new political game Using moderation and coalition as a cover while ruled by criminals, know nothing but discrimination and humiliation. Their intentions are very clear as it is impossible to combine moderation, sectarianism and enlightenment.

But Iraqi Christians should say No for such false coalition that would destroy the New Iraqi spirit, and say YES to more Democratic secularity coalitions as they are the only way for Public freedoms and Justice.

We all have different philosophies in life, what we should do is to have one political line and a Future-strategy, as I don’t think it is appropriate to think of a day-to-day solution.

As a start for this new Era, we can establish a national parliament that would combine all Iraqi Christians, chaldeans, Assyrians, Armenians and even those Forcedly Immigrated Christians ever since Semil Massacre. This Parliament is to join other Parliaments like the Kurdistan Iraq, The Chaldea-Iraq ..etc.

With a representative of each Parliament, a council can be formed and so everyone’s right is protected and every single Iraqi is represented properly.

This parliament would grant us a lot of options if we insisted on the Christians’ right to participate; as on a National Basis, not religious, every Iraqi is represented now through this parliament and so all Iraqis, equally, can participate in the country legislation.

This is the only solution we have to work on immediately in order to achieve justice in Iraq. The National Constitution must include the following, ” Iraq should have a national association or Iraqi Parliament, formed mainly by two other minor parliaments, One eccentric General and the other consists of different councils representing different communions and parties”.

Only then, the Iraqi citizen will enjoy all his rights, not matter what religion he follows or what land he came from. Only then, Diversity and Multiplicity will be respected.

Is there a possibility that this Project be accepted exactly as it is?
I say YES, when the national powers combine with Democratic and secular Stream against all kinds of Discrimination and sectarianism.

To all Christians in Iraq, Leave behind all the minor details parting you from being one United force, You are facing a serious danger, none of the Iraqi forces around you would be able to save you, only you, together, defend your existence in your ancestors’ land. Do not let the Victory opportunity slip away from your hands, taking with it The Glory and civilization of thousands of years.
Beware of “Sectarianism”, ruled by regional criminals.

And last I say, Work harder for a better Iraq. Iraq of Peace Freedom, Justice and prosperity


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