There is no retreat in the revolution, but connected episodes of competence

There is no retreat in the revolution, but connected episodes of competence Original article in Arabic was written by:   Prof. Dr. Tayseer A. Al-Alousi and published on الصدى.نت
Translated to English by Bedor Alobaidi

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لقراءة المقال باللغة العربية يرجى زيارة الرابط المرفق في أدناه: لا تراجع في الثورة بل حلقات نضال متصلة بقلم البروفيسور تيسير الالوسي.

*Prof. Dr. Tayseer Al Alousi is a civilian activist, specialist of Modern Arabic literature and an academic expert on Political Affairs

Its quoted: “The forces of fascist mafia power are promoting for a decline in the movement of the people and their momentum, and they are doing so in an attempt to inspire them to seize it in the attack on the revolution and taking it down, but the truth confirms that there is no retreat going on rather a progress towards decisiveness and victory for the revolution.”
The darkness forces controlling power have been exhausted by their misguidance and attempts to oppress the people, most of their attempts, whether those that fabricated falsehoods and manufactured the pretexts of repressive aggression or those that attack with their sadistic brutality, without fabricating a justification for their criminality… In this direction, the authority is a legitimacy-mandated authority, pursuing its illusions of curbing the revolution and its momentum, whether by manipulating and making miserable fabrications or by multiplying its violence and its excessive crimes of all kinds and levels.
One of the last to be marketed by the forces of fallen power is that there is no revolution, but there is a (limited) protest faction. Neglecting by this millions of girls and people who have been out filling the streets protesting daily against the corrupted government. By doing so, it pushes a parallel discourse into another that could take advantage of, imagining the chaos of multiple speeches, which (you may) be able to pass on its president’s speech based on no revolution or uprising, but as you can imagine, a narrowed [protest] groups! If people argue about this, they reluctantly admit, but they tend to promote for the decline of those millions and their dissonance around the revolution and the revolutionaries, whether for sure or not… The expired political authority will insist in applying the rule of lie and then lie until people start to believe you, even if some of them were pushed to your area, the area of power control and its discourse. Hence, we have been hearing in recent days, which is constantly marketing that they are (retreating) the revolution and the disqualification of the citizens who are wronged about it and the dispersal of the poor and their reluctance to their rights!!
In all the battles of the world between the oppressor and the oppressed, the majority was with itself and never overlapped, even if it was an illusion to stand against itself and against its interests and demands. If this is manifested in endless forms and variations. In all battles and conflicts, things have not been read as a fleeting moment; There is a moment of contraction and moments of gathering. There are strong waves and sloping waves. In any case, they are ripples that are in accordance with the nature of each battle in the total of an overall war.
Even when the repressive power of fascism is defeated, it is not reasonable to resume its battles in the name of counter-revolution by attempting, if not aimed at the return of the systems of exploitation and enslavement, at least to obstruct the march of the revolution and its pace of construction and progress, as it is essentially the structural forces of sabotage and destruction.
Therefore, today, when we hear the cries of fascist mafia power as it fills its satellite channels and communication sites through its electronic armies, calling for the dangers of the decline of the revolution, it follows many complex plans, including activating its outposts and dormant elements to release the declarations of retreat as voices. From the middle of the revolution!

While the truth is that, it has amid the noise of the chaos of cries that confront us from the enemies, some of them are lining up with us, with the revolution, and misinformation, but it is intended on the one hand to impose those sick voices and find what creates an effect that they want to market an idea that is an empty drum that may ring strongly but without echo, why? Because it’s fired into the voids of those powers.
As for the real powers of the revolution, they are forces that recognize that they are the existential expression sought by human beings, the crimes of crushing them and blackmailing them into enslavement! A force that represents the structural of a popular existence that has lived through all these injustices cannot, after all these sacrifices, (retreat), aware that (retreat) means nothing but submission to the worst and most heinous crimes of crushing and enslavement…
So what enables the forces of fascist power to advance these illusions by the decline of the revolution? It is a legitimate question because the national collective mind only adopts the monitoring of phenomena objectively and read them scientifically, and therefore he sees that the forces of defeat of the authority of the mafia and the fascist militia have moments in which the disappearance of the million masses from the eyes of the lenses of their cameras in order to broadcast their illusions and scribbles and what they depended on Accept disinformation marketing…

And some of us may be afraid of it with a trade that embodies that situation! But it is truly overlooked here: there is a big difference between the demanding demonstrations and mass protest donations and the popular uprising that has been achieved in recent months until it has turned into a revolution with the existence of a qualitative development that has become reluctant to announce strategies and who leads it with the logic of the scientific mind and the accuracy of its actions…

Some of them overlook the midst of the battles and the confusion of reading the cracks of the forces of darkness and backwardness and what it means to resort to excessive violence as their last leaf, just before the final defeat and decisiveness. Between the popular presence, which is presented to us in succession and clearly, all the time imposed by the battles of the ongoing conflict and the siege of the warlords, an important and influential tendency for the balance to be given to the people.

The marketed retreat from these powers only means the total decline and the absence of any popular power in the fields of revolution! This is denied by the actions of a million masses, not without the scene every day or every other day, as we see and seek.
Retreat means a break-up, dislocation and side-effects other than the fact that the forces of the revolution are now more dynamic in action and in harmony with existing events and with future-plans that are foreseeable and invisible.

Retreat means, that the discourse of power prevails, and it relaxes
its power in the other way. It is floundering between crimes against humanity, genocide and even war crimes, in constant concern about the progress of the forces of the revolution and its approach to resolution.
Thus, we can say that the revolution has regressed only in the illusions of defeated power and what it is trying to love from the falsehoods, falsehoods and the revolution if it advances to the front and approaches the area of resolution of the conflict strategically by imposing its alternative. We must therefore consider the qualitative transition from the field stage and the imposition of popular will to a period of power while perpetuating the adherence to the fields as the strongest reserve guarantor of the perpetuation of victory…
The absolute conviction of the people has led to the need to dismantle the mafias of fraud, looting and looting and to build an alternative institutional alternative, just as the task of disbanding the militias and building their national institutional alternative, represented by the national army and institutions concerned with a national military doctrine that does not recognize authority over the authority of the free State, has been strongly established. Independent people, not Mafia warlords…
In this way, with all the revolutionary forces of the people, we have no choice to maneuver (may) lead us to a long-term or temporary retreat because this only leads to rivers of blood! To an unwelcome enslavement that will last for centuries of brutal humiliation and savage crushing!
The only option left is the option of advancing towards an absolute total contact zone, which is the area of deduction and the completion of the circle of squares to an act of taking over the head of power and placing it in the hands of the people through a series of actions and programs of the revolution, not its enemies.
The dissolution of parliament and its government and the preparation of the electoral law for the Houses of Parliament and the Union under the supervision of a commission belonging to the people and with the support of the United Nations does not exceed the national identity is not a complex issue at a time when no force can organize new elections without the people and their actual participation, so finding a way out to meet this trend is no longer A difficult and complex problem, but it is just around the corner.
What is the cheapest of those who market for a retreat, if it is the one who retreats, they must know today before tomorrow that the authority of fascism, which is spreading terror and terror from the moment of its last departure from power, the restoration of the free homeland, the building of the foundations of development, progress and a free and dignified life for a happy people.
There is no retreat to the revolution, not today or tomorrow, but to advance to Imam, where the region of decisiveness and the handover of power to the end of the popular revolution without hesitation or delay.

There is no retreat to the revolution, not today or tomorrow, but to advance toward, where the region of decisiveness and finally handing over power to the popular revolution without hesitation or delay.


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